Climb for a Child Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition to Deploy a Language Development Station

Climb for a Child children using the new computers

<p>Climb for a Child children using the new computers</p>


Contact: Ed Dean
Phone: (978) 337-0698
January 10th, 2011

Climb for a Child Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition to Deploy a Language Development Station

Westford, Massachusetts, January 10th, 2011 – Climb for a Child Incorporated

In their on-going mission to help children around the world through their unique cultural immersion process where they connect sponsors of children’s education to a child in need, the next Climb for a Child expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro scheduled for February of 2012 will deploy a language development station for the children.

The Climb for a Child program is currently sponsoring the educational needs of 6 at risk children of the porters on Mt. Kilimanjaro. This years expedition will be deploying a language development station in addition to sponsoring several additional children. While exploring ways to further enhance the Climb for a Child program, the group has decided to deploy a language development station. The station consists of a donated MacBook computer with a British English copy of the Rosetta Stone language development program. The children’s school will have the Climb for a Child children fill out a log book and use the program for 15 minutes each day. The group will further require the children to read a picture story book once a week. At the end of the week, the children are to write their individual sponsors about the book.

In addition to adding several more children to the program, the next Climb for a Child expedition on February 15th of 2012, will install and train the children and the school on the usage of the station.

The Climb for Child language development plan is designed to help the children achieve several key goals:

  1. Improve their English language skills using a self paced model to supplement their existing course work.
  2. Improve their communications skills through simple story books and letters to and from their sponsors.
  3. Help the children develop a sense of self-worth and empowerment, through self directed achievement.
  4. Help develop stronger bonds between the children and their sponsors.

The concept was developed during the groups last visit. The Climb for a Child group spent two full days in the school with the children and monitored their classrooms. The biggest problem the group found was the disadvantage of being so far behind in their English language skills and the lack of confidence that this results in. “You can only bring a child from a dysfunctional government school back so far. Usually about 2 years, otherwise the social and age differences make things practically impossible. We have six very hard working and bright children that are facing this challenge.”, stated Ed Dean the founder of Climb for a Child.

While all of the children are doing very well, with the youngest children out performing the groups expectations, they feel their older children would do better if they had the tools they needed to catch-up to their classmates. Ed Dean further stated that, “Because of the backgrounds our children come from, it is not enough to have them be middle of the road. We have to encourage and enable them to out perform their classmates.” The Climb for a Child group feels that the biggest challenge the children currently face is based upon the language barrier created when they are placed into an English immersion environment.

The next Climb for a Child is scheduled for Feb 15th to March 7th of 2012. The group is currently raising funds to purchase a copy of the Rosetta Stone and hopes to find one additional MacBook computer. If you’d like to find more about sponsoring a child and having the expedition find a child for you, or you’d like to help out with the language development program, please Join Us. 100% of your donation will be used to help educate a child.

For more information please go to and send Ed an introduction, or Join Us today and start a child on their very own climb out of poverty.

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  1. avatar c4ac

    Thanks to Larkin Kay and Karen Maziarka we now have two MacBooks for the kids! Thanks so much! Wow this is just great!

  2. avatar Climb For a Child

    We have raised $400 towards the purchase of the Rosetta Stone. Thanks for your help, this going to make such a difference to a lot of kids.

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